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Special Education & Related Services


Our services range from a one-time assessment to a team member providing services for an entire school year.


We customize our services to fulfill your unique needs.


Special Education Assessments

 Our Assessments include:

  • Interpreting Data
  • Providing Recommendations
  • Creating Goals
  • Determining Placement Recommendations
  • Attending ARD to Present Results

Individual Assessments Based on Your Needs or Comprehensive Services Across Areas.

Hourly Rate or Price Per Assessment.

Bilingual Assessments in Spanish and EnglishBilingual Approaches in Assessment

C-SEP, Cross-Battery, and RTI Processing Approaches


Specific Learning Disability (LD)

Intellectual Disability (ID)

Other Health Impairment (OHI)

Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE)


Autism – Team-Based (AU)

Emotional Disturbance (ED)


Functional Behavior Assessments (FBA)

Behavior Intervention Plans (BIP)

Counseling Assessment (CO)


Speech and Language Assessments

Expressive and Receptive Language Skills

Pragmatic (Socio-Communication) Language Skills

Articulation and /or Phonology Skills

Fluency Skills

 AT (Communication Related) Evaluation

OT and PT

OT and PT Assessments

Fine Motor Assessment

Gross Motor Assessment

ADPE Assessment


AT Evaluation


Speech, OT, PT & Virtual Counseling

Speech, OT & PT

Individual and Group Sessions

Progress Report Updates

Folder Review

School Staff & Parent Consultation

ARD Attendance

Virtual Counseling

Individual Special Education IEP

ARD attendance

Consultation Services

Value Added Services

Training & Support


On-site Special Education Compliance Coordinator Support

Professional development

ARD facilitation

SPED mentoring

Assist in School Performance Plan Indicator submissions

Provide Training and Professional Developments

Frequently requested topics: PLAAFPs, access to General Curriculum, Differentiation, and Least Restrictive Environment.

Parent education or consultation

Schedule student evaluations

Assign therapists as needed (all disciplines)

Execute district or campus-wide audits

Provide folder audits in all disciplines

District-wide vision and hearing screenings

Diagnostic Assessment Services

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