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Our services range from a one-time assessment to a team member providing services for an entire school year.


We customize our services to fulfill your unique needs.


Nine Different Assessments


Our Assessments include:

  • Interpreting Data
  • Providing Recommendations
  • Creating Goals
  • Determining Placement Recommendations
  • Attending ARD to Present Results


  • Specific Learning Disability (LD)
  • Intellectual Disability (ID)
  • Other Health Impairment (OHI)

Provided by a Certified Diagnostician or Licensed Specialist in School Psychology


  • Autism – Team-Based (AU)
  • Emotional Disturbance (ED)

Provided by a Licensed Specialist in School Psychology.


  • Functional Behavior Assessments (FBA)
  • Behavior Intervention Plans (BIP)
  • Counseling Assessment (CO)

Provided by a Licensed Specialist in School Psychology or School-Trained Licensed Professional Counselor.


  • Speech Impairment (SI)

Provided by a Licensed Speech Language Pathologist.

We Offer

Individual Assessments Based on Your Needs or Comprehensive Services Across Areas

Hourly Rate or Price Per Assessment

Bilingual Assessments in Spanish, English, Hebrew, and Farsi

Bilingual Approaches in Assessment

C-SEP, Cross-Battery and RTI Processing Approaches

therapy services

Speech and Counseling


We provide skilled speech therapy services to students consistent with goals determined in their Individualized Educational Plan (IEP).

Our specialties include:


·      Speech-Language Screenings

·      Individual Sessions

·      Group Sessions

·      Progress Report Updates

·      Folder Review

·      Collaboration with School Staff

·      Parent Communication

·      Consultative Services

·      ARD Attendance


DAS provides counseling services to both Special Education and General Education students, along with crisis intervention and evaluation services.

Our specialties include:


· Individual Special Education counseling services per student IEPs

· ARD attendance

· Individual Crisis Intervention (Risk to Self or Others Assessment) as needed

· School Wide Crisis Intervention (Grief Support) as needed

· General Education counseling services (scheduled per student or per day, from ½ day-5 days per week)

· Consultation Services

· Annual school-wide mental health screening

Value Added Services

SPED Training and Support

On-site Special Education Compliance Coordinator

ARD facilitation

Assist in School Performance Plan Indicator submissions

Provide Training and Professional Developments

Frequently requested topics: PLAAFPs, access to General Curriculum, Differentiation, Least Restrictive Environment

Parent consultation

Schedule student evaluations

Assign therapists as needed (all disciplines)

Execute district or campus-wide audits

Provide folder audits in all disciplines

District-wide vision and hearing screenings




DAS is efficient and professional. This group saves us time and helps us to provide needed services to our students. Our ARD meetings are enhanced with their participation.

Dr. Peggy McMillan

Trivium Academy

I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with DAS Counseling Services. We have had the pleasure to have one consistent counselor.

Mrs. Ortega is a part of our Hobby family and we are blessed to have her. She works very well with our students. We have had students that were very resistant to counseling services.

After working with Mrs. Ortega, they have grown to love their time with the counselor and will ask that we call her to come to see them on her off weeks. We were having attendance issues with a student and the only way we could get him to come to school was by reminding him that he had a counseling session on Wednesdays.

We work with students that have some pretty serious diagnosis and it’s been my pleasure to watch them breakthrough with the help of the counseling sessions. 

Averie Hatton

ARD Facilitator, Texas CAN Hobby & Houston CAN SW


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